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What is the Carnivore Diet Plan: Your Guide To Health

Looking for help to understand everything there is to do with your change to a carnivorous diet? Read on...

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Exploring the Carnivore Diet: The Creatine Phosphate Energy System

The ability to use the creatinine from the meat we ate to provide that fast burst power may be the missing link of how we thrived pre-agriculture.

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Can a Human Survive Eating Only Meat: The Maasai and Inuit

Something which bothers me endlessly is the arguments about humans being herbivores sprouted out of the vegan and food religious groups. We can barely subsist on vegetables and there are much of their nutrients that are just unavailable to us due to anti-nutrients and long digestion times being necessary. Can a human survive eating only […]

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Does a Carnivore Diet Cause Kidney Stones?

A question that can be found online in many places when people start a carnivorous diet is about kidney function, then it will almost always move into the realm of kidney stones. Well, there is definitely more good news for you on this diet versus any other as you remove all the foods which contain […]

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What is the Best Way to Meal Prep on a Carnivore Diet?

There is a issue with meal preparation where carnivores aren't sure how to function when on the go to ensure maintaining the diet successfully. Definitely on the first few weeks at least this can be exceptionally difficult as you try to locate what will be appealing to you and easy to travel with and have […]

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Carnivore Diet Protein to Fat Ratio: Why This is Crucial!

The carnivore diet is all about fat and protein sourced from animal foods. But how much protein is too much protein? And how much fat is too much fat? If you’re looking for the ideal carnivore diet protein to fat ratio, this should help: On an all-meat diet, you source your energy (calories) from two […]

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Carnivore Diet Pros and Cons: Take On Dogma

The carnivore diet is gaining traction in quite a few dietary circles. But what effects does this diet have on your health? What are the carnivore diet pros and cons, is there any huge wins for an all-meat, zero carb diet? Pros Cons Helps naturally eliminate sugar and carbs Can be monotonous Aids weight loss […]

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How to Make a Carnivore Diet Eating Plan: The Ultimate Guide

Starting a carnivore diet is an exciting step toward a healthier lifestyle. But if you’re going to do it, you need to do it right; and that involves a comprehensive carnivore diet eating plan. The only foods allowed in a strict carnivore diet are animal foods, such as pork, beef, lamb, fish, or eggs. However, […]

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Choosing a Carnivore Diet for Dogs: All you Need to Know

For centuries in the wild, dogs consumed a carnivore diet. It was until humans started to adopt dogs that they began to eat plants as a regular part of their diet. Even in modern times, wolves consume primarily meat to keep themselves alive. So, do you want to learn more about the carnivore diet for […]

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Can I Do a Carnivore Diet Without a Gallbladder?

Choosing the right diet is essential when you’re of normal health. However, it’s even more important when you’re lacking a gallbladder. Many times people ask about carnivore diets when they don't have a gallbladder, today we go dig in to help you understand. So, can you do a carnivore diet without a gallbladder? Yes, although you’ll […]

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